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The new “war on drugs” is being fought and lost by us, partly because we can’t collectively find common ground. The divide that exists, or is being created within this industry, will ultimately be what causes us to continue losing clients, family members, friends, and loved ones to this illness.

ALL paths to recovery should be available options, but no path to recovery should claim to be the only path. We need to stop shaming entire models of care simply because it doesn’t fit into the next “new” thing or approach that is designed. Let the clients decide which option they want to use without shame or guilt.

Be professional, and allow abstinence-based options to exist without forcing them to conform to the newer medication assisted models, and let them do so without public judgement and persecution. Allow those successfully using MAT a safe place to do so, without pushing out the option for abstinence-based treatment or sober living along the way.

With new approaches should come new models of treatment programs and services, I agree. This does not mean that we should be forcing all programs to make the change through public shaming, or through articles that highlight “warring factions” and a divided approach to care.

Why are we diluting the confidence that clients need to have in treatment centers? Why can’t we have both, or all options, available? Why does everyone need to do it just one way?


  1. LJM on January 5, 2019 at 9:36 am

    Absolutely. Recovery and what it means is as unique as each individual is. There is a physical piece, and also a mental and spiritual aspect of our human development and healing that is so personal to each of us. The physical piece needs to be addressed first in order to allow the mental/spiritual elements to grow. I feel that the key is to stay open minded to all options, and try to help each individual find the way that works for them without judgement on which methods are right or wrong.

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